24 September 2018

Earlier this month, volunteers from Oral Health Foundation, TePe, Dental Health Spa, the Swiss Dental Academy, Revive Dental Care and others, completed the Striding Edge challenge – raising money for mouth cancer awareness.

Striding Edge is a mountain ridge in the Lake District. The team did the Helvellyn route, which took around seven hours to complete and saw them reach summits of more than 3,000 feet.

It was a seven-mile-long journey and was extremely difficult given the high exposure on narrow, rocky ridges, along with wet and windy weather.

The 14-person team was supporting Moveit4smiles, a fundraising initiative raising awareness and money for Mouth Cancer Action and HPV Action.

Over the past four years, Moveit4smiles has raised more than £25,000 for mouth cancer awareness by taking on some of the most difficult yet incredible walking challenges.

Donations have helped support and fund campaign groups and passionate individuals to achieve such successes like the recent-introduced HPV vaccination for boys.

You can still show your support for those who took on this challenge, and for the cause which they are raising money for. Make your donation by clicking here.