18 May 2020

As part of National Smile Month 2020 we asked you to send in your best #Smileypoems and you did not disappoint! We had some wonderful poems sent to us that put big smiles on our faces so thank you for everyone who sent one in. It was really tough to pick our top three as there were so many great and creative poems but we did finally whittle it down. Below are the poems along with a video of the poet reading it and a link to download the lyrics. Without further ado here are our top three:

'Monty's Monster Mouth' by Caroline Lynch

This creative colourful poem was sent in by Caroline Lynch and tells the story of a special monster called Monty and his amazing rainbow smile. We loved the imagery in this one, can you spot Monty popping up throughout the video?


You can download the lyrics in pdf format by clicking here.

'A Smile' by Joanne Ellis

This poem by Joanne Ellis really gets to the heart of what a healthy smile can do. A healthy smile is not only good for our health but also can have a profound impact on those around us, if we chose to share it.

You can download the lyrics to the poem in pdf format by clicking here.

'What does a Dentist do in isolation?' by Dr Emilie Abraham

Have you wondered what your dentist got up to during lockdown? Well, below Dr Emilie Abraham, a dentist from Manchester, explains what she's been up to in this wonderful poem. We loved the fun of this one but also the serious message at the end. Like Emilie, dentists up and down the country are excited to get back to work and help you maintain a healthy smile. Remember, visiting your dentist as often as they recommend is vital for maintaining healthy teeth and gums!

You can download the lyrics to the poem in pdf format here.