If you are considering having orthodontic treatment, it’s absolutely vital to see a suitably trained professional.

They will have the knowledge, expertise and experience to make sure you’re guided through this complicated medical process in a safe, appropriate and effective way.

Before you start any treatment, you need to be checked to make sure that you are suitable for orthodontic treatment. This is not just to make sure that the treatment will work – it’s to make sure that it is safe for you.

Your oral health needs to be up to a certain standard before you can have braces. So, before treatment, a dentist or orthodontist will examine you to make sure your bones and gums are healthy. They may also take scans, impressions and photographs of your teeth.

Once you know you are suitable for treatment, they will tell you about the various options you have. You’ll learn more about the different brace types and their cost.

All of this will put you in a far better position to decide which treatment is best for you, and what will give you the best chance of achieving the healthy smile you're after.