You may have seen online companies offer orthodontic treatment at a reduced cost. But many people who go down this route may find that they pay a hefty cost later on.

Going down the “cheap and cheerful” route and seeking orthodontic treatment without a trained clinician can be extremely dangerous. Instead of fixing an issue with the position of your teeth, you can actually make them worse, increasing the size of the gaps rather than reducing them.

Without seeing a trained clinician, you also won’t know if there are any pre-existing problems that may make you unsuitable for this kind of treatment.

You may also not be made fully aware of the range of treatment that is available to you, meaning that you could end up paying for a service that isn’t right for your individual circumstances.

It is so important to make sure that orthodontic treatment should always involve a clinical professional who can make sure that you are safe every step of the way and the treatment you receive is right for you.