No. The only way you can be qualified to perform tooth whitening (in the UK) is if you are a qualified dental professional and registered with the General Dental Council. 

Unfortunately, many unscrupulous companies see the huge, relatively untapped tooth whitening market and began selling training courses and products to unsuspecting beauticians.

For £1,000-£2,000 anyone could ‘train’ to be a tooth whitening technician and receive a certificate to show that a day’s course had taught them to:

  • Recognise all the structures of the mouth.
  • Identify different filling materials.
  • Identify crowns, bridges or veneers.
  • Diagnose gum disease.
  • Identify cavities.
  • Identify unsuitable clients.

As none of these things can be taught sufficiently in one day, these 'qualifications' invalid. It takes a dentist five-years to train.