If you are looking to take oral health messages into a classroom, or other educational settings, interactive games are a great way to engage young people about the importance of a healthy mouth. The below downloads are free for you to print and use. They can also be accompanied by other classroom activities provided by our Dental Helpline, Dental Buddy and our online shop.

Toothpaste Test: How many words can you make from the word toothpaste? [download our Toothpaste Test]

Memory Match: Sample text about Memory Match [download Memory Match].

Show Your Teeth You Care: Fill in the missing words to complete the sentences [download our Show Your Teeth You Care].

Trace the Paste: Follow five different lines and discover which letter leads to the toothpaste [download Trace the Paste].

Wordsearch: A simple wordsearch filled with dental words [download Wordsearch].

More puzzles and games

Contact our Dental Helpline and ask for more free materials, download further resources from our  Dental Buddy programme, or visit our online shop for more tools, games and activities that you can take into a classroom setting.