In the UK, dentistry is one of the few National Health Service (NHS) services where you have to pay a contribution towards the cost of your care.

This means that there are now three standard charges for the NHS for dental treatment.

This will help to make the NHS system easier and more accessible for patients.

There is one charge for a course of treatment under the NHS, the cost will vary depending on what dental treatment you require.

Currently these charges are:





One Examination, diagnosis, x-rays, scale & polish. When you need to see a dentist immediately, usually for extreme pain, swelling or excessive bleeding. £23.80 £14.70
Two All treatments in band one plus additional procedures such as fillings, root canal treatment, relining of dentures and extractions. £65.20 £47.00
Three All treatments in bands one and two plus more complex procedures such as crowns, dentures or bridges. £282.80 £203.00

Please note that this information has been taken from the Department of Health and the information is provided as a guideline only. Your dentist will assess your individual needs to see if you fit the criteria for the above treatments.

Scotland and Northern Ireland are still operating under the old NHS system with no plans to change at present.

The maximum charge for a single course of NHS treatment in Scotland and Northern Ireland is £384; some treatments will require prior approval before a dentist can commence work on you.