28 October 2014

The UK's leading oral health charity has today announced the launch of its new dental payment plan recognition scheme.

The Dental Payment Plan ‘Recognised' Scheme is designed to help guide the public towards products which provide dental benefits to help them obtain better oral by helping them to pay for their oral care requirements.

With the significant rise and growth in a variety of dental insurance and cash reimbursement schemes, there is a demand from the public, profession and industry to implement a scheme dealing with this specific market.

British Dental Health Foundation - Recognised LogoThe scheme will add to the British Dental Health Foundation's current worldwide product accreditation scheme, an initiative that provides manufacturers with independent endorsement of the benefits of their products. It is the largest of its kind globally, and has become a recognised gold standard in oral health products.

Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter OBE, believes the payment plan scheme can have the same success as its product counterpart.

Dr Carter said: "At the time of writing, more than 150 over-the-counter dental health products are accredited by the British and International Dental Health Foundation, and sold in 55 countries around the world. It is clear there is a thirst for independent accreditation, and I fully believe the new payment plan recognition scheme can have the same success.

"Insurers often demand regular attendance as a preventative measure which may be seen as good for both the insurer and also for the dental health of the insured. Regular dental visits - as often as they recommend - is vital to good oral health maintenance.

"More than five and a half million people in the UK are currently covered by a dental plan. Rising NHS dental costs - although still entirely affordable - have seen an increase in demand for payment plans. There are a number of different dental plans on the market, and the recognition scheme now gives insurers the opportunity to provide consumers with a new level of assurance."

To discover the benefits of the scheme, and for any enquiries, please contact [email protected].