26 October 2015

Leading health charity the British Dental Health Foundation fully supports the new Public Health England (PHE) report on sugar and believes we must act on now to stop generations of children having poor oral health.

Recommendations from the PHE report include a reduction on price promotions in stores, sugar reduction in everyday food and drink and an introduction of a 10-20% tax on sugary soft drinks. The charity considers these measures will go a long way in improving British children's oral health.

Dr Nigel Carter OBE, Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, explained why the government needs to take action now: "Sugar is front and centre of everybody's thoughts right now so it is the perfect time for the government to make a real statement and implement some of these recommendations.

"As it currently stands children's tooth extractions cost the NHS around £30 million per year, with the biggest cause being tooth decay. They are also the single biggest reason for children being admitted to hospital for general anaesthetics. This cannot continue. There is a definite need for quick and decisive action and there needs to be high level intervention to help change the Britain's attitude to sugar.

"As a charity we have campaigned for the introduction of a ‘sugar tax' for many years and with sensible review and implementation of these PHE recommendations we can really start to improve the oral health for generations to come.

"Earlier this year the government rejected a strong public call for a sugar tax, which the British Dental Health Foundation described as ‘irresponsible'. We hope this independent review will drive them to change their minds."