23 JANUARY 2019

The Oral Health Foundation is delighted to announce that BioMin F has become the first toothpaste to gain accreditation from its expert panel for both sensitivity reduction and tooth remineralisation.

Research suggests more than 40% of adults experience tooth sensitivity at some stage in their life.

To combat this, BioMin F toothpaste slowly releases calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions to form a protective layer on the tooth surface.

This layer effectively seals any exposed and open dentine tubules, which are a key cause of tooth sensitivity due to their direct link with the central nervous system.

BioMin Chief Executive, Richard Whatley, expressed his satisfaction at the conclusion of the accreditation process, saying: “Oral Health Foundation accreditation is a hugely important endorsement of our toothpaste.  It assures consumers that BioMin F has been evaluated by an independent panel of internationally-recognised dental experts and academics.

“These experts have studied all the claims carefully to ensure they are true and are backed up by reliable scientific evidence.”

Commenting on the news, Chief Executive of the Oral Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter OBE said: “It is a great pleasure to be adding our seal of approval to the BioMin F.

“Tooth sensitivity and enamel loss can cause many people a great deal of pain.  For those looking for a toothpaste which combats sensitivity and enamel demineralisation, BioMin F is a good and effective option.”

The Oral Health Foundation has the largest oral healthcare product accreditation scheme in the world.

The charity’s independent and internationally-recognised panel of experts examine product claims to make sure they are reliable and can be supported by scientific evidence.

Each product that passes through the programme is awarded with a kite mark to show that its claims have been rigorously checked and effectively verified.

To see the latest list of products approved by the Oral Health Foundation, follow the link to our accreditation page