12 March 2019

The Oral Health Foundation is calling on organisations up and down the country to get behind National Smile Month 2019 so that more people can live happier and healthier lives.

National Smile Month is the world’s largest and longest-running campaign to promote better oral health.  This year, National Smile Month will be taking place between 13 May and 13 June 2019.

The campaign is aiming to reach 50 million people with positive oral health messages.

Dr Nigel Carter OBE, chief executive of the Oral Health Foundation, is urging companies to support National Smile Month and help communicate the importance of a healthy mouth.

Dr Carter says: “During National Smile Month, we want your help to engage the general public about the value of a healthy smile.  The campaign is an opportunity for teams to go out into local communities and champion the importance of good oral health.

“Every year, thousands of people support the campaign by organising events on high streets, in local shopping centres, nurseries and schools, workplaces and residential homes.  By raising awareness and improving people’s knowledge about oral health we can help many live healthier, happier and longer lives.”

To help everyone get involved in National Smile Month, the charity has published a handbook about the campaign.

The guide, ‘What a difference a smile makes’, is available to download from the campaign’s website www.smilemonth.org, where there is lots more information about the initiative.

Several events will take place across the month, alongside the return of the popular activities such as My Smiley Selfie and Nominate A Smile.

As part of the campaign, the charity is also teaming up with Philips to create #Habits4life, to encourage more people to adopt healthier choices.

“The message of #Habits4life fits perfectly with National Smile Month,” adds Dr Carter.

“Simple habits such as twice daily toothbrushing, a balanced diet and regular dental visits, are essential not only for good oral health, but our overall wellbeing. 

“During the campaign we will be sharing these messages across the nation – especially to those who might not access dental care or have a good daily routine.

“We invite you to join us during National Smile Month and help raise the subject of oral health in a fun and friendly way.”

Some of the world’s largest companies like Oral-B, GSK and Wrigley have already announced their support for National Smile Month.

Last year, the campaign was supported by more than 5,000 health institutions, with their activities reaching millions of people across the UK.

Please visit www.smilemonth.org to download the National Smile Month guide and to discover other ways to support the campaign.