Dental Buddy

Dental Buddy is a series of free educational resources aimed at nursery and schoolchildren in order to increase the amount of time oral health is taught in the classroom. Read more

Our work with schools

From brushing their first tooth, to their first trip to the dentist, we are dedicated to working with nurseries and schools everywhere to improve the oral health and wellbeing of young children. Read more

Brush Time

Brush Time is a new and comprehensive tooth brushing programme, developed by us, to advise nursery and school staff on how they can help children to brush their teeth correctly. Read more

Early Years’ Foundation Stage

Our Early Years’ Foundation Stage (ages 0-5) framework includes a basic teaching of oral hygiene for children from birth until the end of the academic year in which their fifth birthday occurs. Read more

Key Stage One

For Key Stage One (ages 5-7), we build on a child's own experiences, explaining why they need to be a good buddy to their mouth, how to look after them and what different teeth do. Read more

Key Stage Two

During Key Stage Two (ages 7-11), pupils learn about themselves as growing and changing individuals with their own experiences and ideas, and as members of their communities. Read more

Downloads and Resources

From Early Years' to Key Stage Two, we have lots of freely downloadable resources available for anybody to deliver oral health education in the classroom and beyond. Read more