Which comes first, brushing or flossing? New study shows that we should clean between our teeth before brushing

20 SEPT 2018 - New research has shown that cleaning between your teeth before you brush them is key to maintaining a healthy mouth.Read more

Taskforce announces new denture guidelines to combat growing health needs of an ageing world population

07 SEPT 2018 - A global taskforce of academic experts brought together by UK-based charity the Oral Health Foundation has today announced new guidelines on the best care of dentures.Read more

Charity team set to tackle Striding Edge Challenge to raise mouth cancer awareness

30 AUG 2018 - A brave group of oral health campaigners will be supporting the Moveit4smiles charity initiative by heading to the Lake District and taking on an intimidating challenge.Read more

Diabetics face a higher risk of mouth cancer, with women far more at risk

1 AUG 2018 - New research has discovered that women who suffer from diabetes face a dramatically increased chance of developing mouth cancer.Read more

Oral Health Foundation delighted by announcement that boys will get HPV vaccine

24 JULY 2018: The Oral Health Foundation is calling for urgent implementation of the HPV vaccine following the announcement that the current programme will be extended to include boys in England.Read more

Five top tips you need to know to keep your teeth healthy this summer

23 JULY 2018 - Make the most of the beautiful British summertime but make sure that your oral health doesn't suffer this season by following our top tips.Read more

Charity calls for ‘swift implementation’ of HPV jab for boys following JCVI recommendation

18 JULY 2018 - Following the recommendation that school age boys in the UK should be offered a vaccination against the cancer causing HPV, we call for the government to implement with immediate effect.Read more

More time in the bathroom could lead to extra hours in the bedroom

02 JULY 2018 - A new European case study has found a new link between gum disease and erectile dysfunction which suggests that better oral health could lead to more time in the bedroom.Read more

How your favourite tipple could be changing the bacteria in your mouth… and it’s not good news

28 JUNE 2018 - Research conducted into the effect alcohol has on our oral health has found that just one drink each day could change the balance of bacteria in your mouth and lead to a range of diseases.Read more

Fluoride added to water supplies confirmed as SAFE, according to landmark research

26 JUNE 2018 - Following in-depth and thorough research from the National Toxicology Program, it has been confirmed that fluoride has no negative effects.Read more

Increased fines prove that illegal tooth whitening does not pay

20 JUNE 2018 - Oral health experts are urging beauty therapists and other non-dental professionals to stop performing tooth whitening, following a recent surge of fine and prosecutions.Read more

'Decision to finally offer boys HPV vaccine will save many lives’: Declares charity

18 JUNE 2018 - Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced today that boys will be offered a vaccination against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), a decision hailed by the Oral Health Foundation.Read more

“Remarkable” surgeon recognised as an inspiration and role model by leading charity

13 JUNE 2018 - The fourth and final winner of Nominate a Smile 2018 has been announced by the Oral Health Foundation as Dr Dery Tuopar, a Ghanaian-born surgeon based in Northamptonshire.Read more

The generous Tooth Fairy: £23.7M under the pillows of the nation’s children

12 JUNE 2018 - A recent survey conducted as part of National Smile Month has discovered that young children across the nation are receiving over £20m each year from the Tooth Fairy.Read more

Hampshire student wins top smile award

8 JUNE 2018 - The third winner of the Nominate A Smile competition has been announced and it is a very bubbly and lively dental student from the South of England.Read more

Two in three dangerously underestimate how much sugar is in energy drinks

8 JUNE 2018 - Leading health charity are concerned about the lack of awareness Brits have of the obscene amounts of sugar that some of the country's most popular energy drinks contain.Read more

Brand power beats celebrity endorsements when it comes to oral health buying habits

7 JUNE 2018 - New research conducted as part of National Smile Month has found that brand power is more important to Brits than celebrity endorsements when it comes to oral hygiene products.Read more

How do you feel about your smile? Nationwide poll says three in four like what they see

5 JUNE 2018 - A poll carried out as part of National Smile Month has revealed that three in four Brits either like or love their smile. The results also suggested a link between oral health and smile satisfaction!Read more

The cost of looking after your oral health: Average Brit spends £196 every year

1 JUNE 2018 - British adults are spending almost £200 a year looking after their smile by purchasing oral health care products, according to the results of a nationwide survey.Read more

Stonehaven sweetheart scoops national award

1 JUNE 2018 - The second winner of Nominate a Smile 2018, a National Smile Month competition, is a wonderful hygienist from Stonehaven, Scotland.Read more

Past-President of oral health charity presents awards to Dundee dental students

30 MAY 2018 - Immediate Past-President of the Oral Health Foundation has payed a visit to the University of Dundee to judge oral health projects produced by fourth year dental students.Read more

Open letter calls on HPV vaccination for boys

19 MAY 2018 - In an open letter to Steve Brine MP, Secretary of State for Public Health and Primary Care, the Oral Health Foundation calls for a gender-neutral HPV vaccination for boys.Read more

“More money needs to be invested in NHS dentistry,” charity demands and the public agree

24 MAY 2018 - A recent poll has highlighted that the British public believe there needs to be a significant change in the amount of money that is invested by the government into NHS dentistry.Read more

Government intervention needed for food manufacturers to cut sugar, charity claims

23 MAY 2018 - Following the release of new PHE data, revealing that food manufacturers are failing to reduce sugar content voluntarily, we feel that further government regulation will be needed.Read more