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As a self-funded charity, the Oral Health Foundation relies on your generous support so that we can continue our important work of improving the nation's oral health.

You can now support our work both through annual support and one-off donations. By doing so you will join a diverse range of people and organisations who are passionate about our work and messages.

Dentists, hygienists, therapists, surgeries, non-health businesses, schools and other education bodies, large multinationals corporations, as well as members of the public, all continue to support us and we would welcome you to join us too.

The connection created between us and our supporters is precious, helping us to champion oral health in the public domain, whether it's out on the high street, in the dental practice, or contributing to Government consultations on fluoridation, action on mouth cancer, minimum pricing alcohol or plain packaging on cigarettes.

A small donation can make a big difference...

£5 donation: Sometimes inequalities in health are due to a lack of the most basic resources we might take for granted. Just £5 will provide a dental goody bag for a family, ensuring adults as well as children don't go without.

£10 donation: Every five minutes somebody in need comes to us for oral health advice. As little as £10 will fund one call to our Dental Helpline, providing a person in distress with trusted advice by one of our experts.

£50 donation: By the time children in the UK start school, one in three will have tooth decay. £50 will help us supply a nursery with an education pack to help them teach toddlers about how to care for their mouths.