Many companies may choose to offer health benefits to their employees. One of these benefits might include dental insurance.

For many employees, cost is now a priority when it comes to dental treatment and dental plans can help them keep these to a minimum.

An effective dental plan encourages employees to maintain regular visits to the dentist and seek any treatment they might need quickly, before further problems develop. With oral health being linked to general wellness and medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, dental insurance plans can reduce employee absences and maintain a productive workforce.

Health insurance policies which include dental care or specific dental plans, can also have a positive effect on the attitude and mood of workers. It can also improve employee engagement when it comes to being more pro-active in managing oral health.

There are lots of health insurance policies available for employers which can help staff manage the cost of both routine and emergency dental treatment.

Dental insurance policies can also include treatment, both in your own country and overseas, oral cancer cover, hospital cash payments and other items.

Some key things to consider when looking for an employee insurance policy:

  • Is the level of cover suitable for all staff needs and the type of treatment which they are likely to have?

  • Is there a ‘waiting period' before employees can make a claim?

  • What percentage of the cost will employees get back?

  • Is there a policy ‘excess'? In other words, will staff be expected to pay for e.g. the first £20 of any claim they make?

  • What is the total amount employees are covered for and are there limits for specific treatments?

  • Does the policy exclude any pre-existing conditions an employee may have?

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