Why did you decide to fundraise for the Oral Health Foundation?

As a dental nurse, then Dental Hygienist then Tutor and now in the commercial side of oral health, my passion remains in educating and empowering people to have healthy mouths – which is exactly what the Oral Health Foundation seeks to do and that is why I decided to give them my support.

Can you describe what your fundraising event was?

I encourage our team at work to take part in fundraising each year with a single initiative, but my personal efforts are about raising awareness of early mouth cancer detection within the profession. I have therefore decided to donate all my speaker honorariums to the Oral Health Foundation to aid them in their work.

Why did you choose to do this?

Having detected early lesions twice in my professional career and also caring for people at the end of life in hospice, I believe a healthy comfortable mouth should be achievable for all. The Oral Health Foundation works to make this possible and need our support in doing so. 

What was your best fundraising moment?

The most memorable was giving disclosing tablets to check how well children are brushing their teeth in a booth at the Children’s’ Food Festival in Brighton dressed as a giraffe. This was a very odd experience for a retired RAF Officer!

What top tips do you have for fundraisers to be?

Be innovative in your efforts to raise awareness of the importance of oral health for all. The funds will follow, if you keep the donation process simple and every little does help and is always very gratefully received.