All cosmetic dental treatments vary in price, whether you are looking to have it in the UK or abroad.

It is easy to be attracted by cheaper treatment prices in other countries, but this may not tell the full story. There may be savings to be made on the treatment, but that might not justify going overseas. In the long-term, you may save more money by staying in the UK.

Complex treatments

Some treatments like crown and bridgework, veneers and implants are not easily carried out and can take more than one visit. Expertise and time are essential to achieving the best results.

For instance, to achieve a perfect bite, you might need to visit the practice several times for your appliance to be adjusted. If your dentist is abroad, the cost of flights and accommodation will stack up and could end up being extremely expensive.

Anticipating problems

If you are thinking of going abroad for dental treatment, it is likely that you are looking at more advanced procedures. No matter how skilled the clinician, there is always a risk that the treatment could fail.

Return visits will be needed to resolve any issues and need to be anticipated when budgeting the potential full cost of treatment.

Getting your money back

Sometimes cosmetic treatments go wrong, or you might be unhappy with the results. If this happens in the UK, you might be entitled to your money back. This may not be the case in other countries where consumer rights differ.

When trying to get your money back abroad you may need to seek legal help or instigate proceedings. This is an added cost you may not think about in your original costings.

Corrective work in the UK

If you have a bad experience with dental treatment abroad, it is likely that you will be hesitant about returning. This means you will need to visit a UK dentist to have any complications corrected.

The costs associated with this, along with a new treatment plan, suggests that it would have been cheaper to stay in UK. As well as saving yourself money, it would also have guaranteed you the very best results, without putting your physical or mental health at risk.   

When travelling abroad for dental work it is often the case of buyer beware and there may be hidden costs that do not come to light until it is too late.

If you are spending all, or a large amount, of your money to travel abroad for dental treatment, we would ask you to think again before committing to a treatment plan abroad.

The possibility of repeat visits, complications, legal fees, and corrective work, means that treatment may not be as cheap as it seems. 

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