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Hidden tooth infections increase heart disease risk by almost three times

27th Sep 2016

Undetected tooth infections could increase the risk of heart disease by almost three times, according to new research.The study, published in the Journal of Dental Research1, has found that people wit…

Howzat! Charity bowled over by support for health checks at Lord’s

22nd Sep 2016

As Warwickshire dismantled the Surrey batting line-up in the one-day cup final at Lord's last Saturday the team from Boundaries For Life were on hand to keep track of rising blood pressures as they of…

Is your child a night owl? If so their teeth may be at risk

01st Sep 2016

What time do your children go to bed? If they like to stay up past your bedtime new research suggest that they could be up to almost four times as likely to suffer from tooth decay. The study, publ…

Royal College of Surgeons call for improved patient protection through language testing

17th Aug 2016

Leading oral health charity, the Oral Health Foundation, have given their support to the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) following the publication today of data which suggests EU rules on language tes…

'Government U-turn needed in order to make NHS dentistry more financially accessible’ – says charity

06th Aug 2016

Following claims from the British Dental Association (BDA) that NHS charges are driving patients with dental problems away from the dentist and towards overreached GPs, leading oral health charity the…

Dental organisations label Childhood Obesity Strategy an ‘absolute disaster’ for oral health

18th Aug 2016

Following the unveiling of the Childhood Obesity Strategy today leading oral health charity, the Oral Health Foundation, have described it as an absolute disaster which will lead to another lost gener…

Olympians urged to look after their winning smiles

05th Aug 2016

The global spectacle that is the Olympic Games starts in Rio de Janeiro today, with the world's elite athletes descending on Brazil to showcase amazing feats of strength, endurance and speed but one t…

Flossophy: Interdental cleaning is important to our oral health

04th Aug 2016

Following coverage in the news that there is a lack of evidence that using dental floss is beneficial to oral health, leading health charity, the Oral Health Foundation, have highlighted the continued…

‘Unsafe tooth whitening is putting the public at serious risk’ – says charity

29th Jul 2016

Following an increasing trend for teeth whitening procedures in the UK leading oral health charity, the Oral Health Foundation, is highlighting the serious risks that consumers are taking by opting fo…

Hepatitis C infection increases the risk of developing mouth cancer

27th Jul 2016

People who are infected with the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) are at a greater risk of developing mouth cancer, according to a new report. New research published in the Journal of the National Cancer Insti…

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