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British Dental Health Foundation reacts to HPV vaccination decision

19th Nov 2015

The British Dental Health Foundation believes the UK government's vaccination advisory committees (JCVI) decision to extend HPV vaccinations to men aged 16-40 who have sex with men (MSM) via sexual he…

Charity calls for urgent action following dramatic rise of HPV-related cancer

17th Nov 2015

Leading UK health charity, the British Dental Health Foundation, is calling for urgent action to raise awareness of human papilloma virus (HPV) following an 88 per cent rise in mouth cancer cases.Stat…

Oral health charity calls for action on sugar after PHE report

26th Oct 2015

Leading health charity the British Dental Health Foundation fully supports the new Public Health England (PHE) report on sugar and believes we must act on now to stop generations of children having po…

Recognising the early stages of dementia through oral health

07th Oct 2015

People with the early stages of dementia may be able to be detected by dentists through the state of their oral health, according to the British Dental Health Foundation.The oral health charity says t…

12 Ways to share a smile

01st Oct 2015

Oral health charity, the British Dental Health Foundation, is asking you to forget the poor weather, terrible traffic, bad service and all of life's other annoyances and really find something to smile…

Ban on smoking in cars ‘significant step’ for children’s oral health

29th Sep 2015

From Thursday [1 October 2015], smoking in vehicles with anyone under the age of 18 will become illegal in England and Wales - a move which will have a profound effect on children's oral health - acco…

Public Health England special school report is a wake up call for everyone

25th Sep 2015

In light of the review published yesterday [24th September 2015] by Public Health England (PHE), which found that children in special schools have more severe tooth decay compared to children in mains…

Government rejection of sugar tax - ‘irresponsible’

22nd Sep 2015

The UK's leading dental health charity feels the decision by the government to reject1 overwhelming calls for a sugar tax is a major opportunity lost in the urgent need to promote healthy living and i…

Students! Can’t remember what you did last night? You didn’t brush your teeth

17th Sep 2015

Students may have an extra thing to add to their list of regrets the morning after the night before, as new research has found that binge drinking is not just killing their brain cells it is also caus…

Don't risk ending up toothless in the tackle

14th Sep 2015

Kids could face trying times for their dental health by not wearing mouthguards when playing rugby, says leading dental health charity.The Rugby World Cup kicks off later this week and the British Den…

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