30 March 2015

The British Dental Health Foundation is delighted to announce Seabond's Denture Fixative Seal has been granted accreditation by its independent board of experts.

Designed with Triple Action technology, new Seabond denture seals provide denture wearers with all day comfort and hold, while protecting gums and helping to seal out food particles. The reformulation showcases unique technology including the addition of a supplementary layer of adhesive which creates a superior hold and maximum strength seal.

Commenting on the news, Director of Operations Sharon Broom said: "We are delighted to add our stamp on Seabond's new range.

"We know from previous researchi people are confused by the array of ingredients and product claims made by manufacturers and retailers. People looking for denture fixative can now seek out our logo on Seabond products.

"Our scheme helps to give re-assurance to the public buying oral healthcare products that the manufacturer's claims are clinically proven and not exaggerated. You wouldn't put food or drink in your mouth if you didn't know what was in it, and oral healthcare products are no different."

Since 2012 value sales of denture fixatives is now worth £36 million , attributing to overall growth within the total oral care category.

Charlie Oates, UK Brand Manager, Combe International Limited comments: "According to the Mintel Oral Care report, based on an ageing population, current growth rate data suggests that total oral care sales are forecast to hit £1 billion this year . We are committed to supporting the category and driving denture fixatives by investing in this exciting re-launch. The personal care needs of our consumers are at the heart of everything we do, so we are delighted to bring this new and improved product to market for denture wearers."

For further information on the accreditation process please contact Sharon Broom on 01788 546365.