As inequalities in oral health continue to grow, and with incidences of mouth cancer on the rise, our role as a leader in oral health education and preventative action becomes ever more crucial.

The Oral Health Foundation works to reduce inequalities in oral health by providing information and support for children, the elderly and vulnerable, people with disabilities and those living in deprivation all around the world.

We are seeing far too many people become geographically isolated while those suffering from reduced mobility are finding it even more difficult to access the care they need.

Programmes and resources

The programmes and resources we work hard to develop give thousands more people direct advice, reassurance, correct information, clear signposting to access care, comfort and much needed support.

Our work doesn’t just have a direct impact on health and wellbeing, it’s also incredibly important for a person’s mental health too. The Oral Health Foundation often helps to reduce anxiety and concern in those who suffer from mental illness whilst trying to support those whose oral health has become neglected through cognitive impairments.

In addition to helping the most vulnerable members of our society, we are also here for everybody else.

We work alongside families, providing education to multi-generations, and give them what they need in order to not only be able to care for their own health but also know how to look after the wellbeing of the people closest to them.

Equality and fairness is at the heart of the Oral Health Foundation and we will continue to endeavour to be a charity whose values and actions have a positive effect on all corners of society.

Please help us address inequalities in oral health by supporting the Oral Health Foundation.

Below are just some of the ways in which you could really help to make a difference: