In the wrong hands, undergoing a relatively simple and safe tooth whitening treatment can turn into a terrifying ordeal. We have seen first-hand the damage caused to unsuspecting members of the public who have been but in danger through unqualified persons carrying out tooth whitening illegally and by products which are highly toxic.

We have seen people suffer terrible and needless injuries by chemicals sinking into the tooth surface, causing severe damage to the teeth and gums, leaving a toll both physically and psychologically.

That's exactly why we decided to take action by forming the Tooth Whitening Information Group.

Tooth Whitening Information Group

The Oral Health Foundation is the lead coordinator of the Tooth Whitening Information Group – an alliance of dental professional bodies and manufacturers set up to tackle the key issues and problems regarding tooth whitening.

This group is working towards safe and effective tooth whitening so members of the general public can be both protected and more informed about tooth whitening as a dental procedure.  

We also work with the beauty industry to raise education about the illegalities of tooth whitening. By law, this should only be carried out by a dental professional, dentist or dental hygienist operating under the supervision of a dentist.

For those who continue to practice tooth whitening illegally, or providers of unlawful products, we have taken direct action, filing reports to either the General Dental Council or Trading Standards – all of which have led to successful action being taken.

Our main aims are:

  • Protecting the public and providing information on how to achieve safe tooth whitening with effective and long-lasting results.
  • Supporting official bodies to prosecute unqualified people carrying out illegal tooth whitening, and companies that sell illegal and harmful products.

On the campaign website, you will be able to find all the information you need to know about tooth whitening, including information for dental professionals and beauticians on tooth whitening laws and regulations.

You can also file a report against anybody you think may be providing illegal tooth whitening and also sign up to become part of the campaign for safe tooth whitening.

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