Hello and welcome to a brand-new issue of Word of Mouth – the Oral Health Foundation’s digital magazine.

I hope you are reading this in good health and that all your loved ones are well.

We are approaching the start of National Smile Month 2020 and we would love you to join us as we look to champion great oral health.

Through our campaign we hope to help people access a better quality of life all by making a few simple changes to your daily lifestyle.

Maintaining a solid daily oral hygiene routine that involves twice daily brushing with a fluoride toothpaste. Incorporating interdental cleaning and mouthwash in your daily care. Keeping an eye on our sugar consumption.

All the above are vital to achieving great oral health and better overall well-being.

Let’s unite during National Smile Month and make a big difference to our communities.

In this issue you will find plenty of information on how you can get involved with National Smile Month 2020.

Please enjoy this edition of Word of Mouth and thank you once again for your fantastic support.

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