This weekend, Moveit4smiles took on one of the most magnificent mountains in Britain - Bla Bheinn.

Bla Bheinn is said to be one of the most spectacular hikes on the Isle of Skye, if not all of Scotland! It will be an 8km (5 mile) walk with an ascent of 990m.

This mammoth task had been taken on in the name of Mouth Cancer Action and to raise awareness of the importance of British children having the HPV vaccine.

To warm up for the big climb, there was also a walk around the ruined coastal villages of Boreraig and Suisnish. 

The team enjoyed some spectacular views of the Red Hills, Rum and a large part of the mainland North-West Highlands.

This challenge was to help raise awareness and money for Mouth Cancer Action. 

Support the team and donate to Mouth Cancer Action

All donations will go towards helping reduce these numbers by making more people aware of the causes, signs and symptoms of mouth cancer so cases can be both prevented and caught early of enough for effective intervention.

Your donation will go directly towards putting oral health information into the places that they are needed such as local pharmacies and doctor’s practices where those who are most at risk are most likely to see it and be influenced by it.

Donations will also help us improve uptake of the HPV vaccination - which could protect around 800,000 people every year.

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