Social Media

Shout about your fundraising efforts on social media.  By sharing your plans, family and friends can get behind you by donating. It will also help raise awareness about mouth cancer and HPV.

Here are a few examples of posts and images that you can use:

  • Over two days in September, I will be going up #Snowdonia for @mouthcanceraction. By improving awareness of mouth cancer, we can reduce the number of lives lost to the disease. Please sponsor me here – thanks!

  • I’m walking up Snowdonia for @mouthcanceraction to raise awareness about how important the HPV vaccine is. Whether you have a girl or boy in Year 8, please get them vaccinated. It’s a life-saving jab! Please donate #cervicalcancer #mouthcancer

  • Please donate – I’m conquering Snowdonia for @mouthcanceraction. Across two days our team will be hiking 15km to raise awareness about the importance of the HPV vaccine.