02 May 2019

Samuel Irvine Madine, owner of the HD Smile Clinic, pleaded guilty to five charges at Belfast Magistrates Court after a case was brought by Belfast City Council.

Mr Madine was found to have breached Comestic Product Enforcement Regulations.

Officers from the council carried out a number of inspections of the business premises following a complaint received in April 2015. 

Four different products were seized over a period of time for testing. The seized products were found to contain sodium perborate, a banned substance. 

Testing of the products revealed that all samples contained levels of hydrogen peroxide in excess of the permitted level of 0.1%, with one product being more than 300 times greater than this.

Mr Madine also pleaded guilty to failing to meet the obligations of a distributor, including the required safety and labelling requirements.

The case has been adjourned until 4 June for sentencing.