National Smile Month

Between 12 May and 12 June 2025, the Oral Health Foundation will raise awareness of important oral health issues.

Join the nation's biggest oral health campaign and help bring a smile to millions of people.

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Our 2025 theme will be announced soon.

No National Smile Month campaign is complete without its own soundtrack and this year is no different. Thanks to our friends at Health Matters Education we can now reveal that ‘Today Hooray’ is the official song of National Smile Month 2020.

The song encapsulates the positivity of the campaign with the lines: “Today hooray I wake up with a happy smile, today hooray caring for my teeth. Smile!”. After hearing those lines we knew that this was the song for Smile Month 2020.

Vicky Bowen, co-founder of Health Matters Education, explains why she started Health Matters and why they feel passionate about supporting National Smile Month.

Vicky says: “As parents we wanted our children to have fun, eat well and understand the importance of having and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. That’s why we like to get behind National Smile Month as we believe that it’s a great campaign for helping to educate young children on the importance of looking after their teeth.

We hope our song helps parents introduce some fun when it comes to brush time for their children and that by doing so it can help them maintain a healthy smile for life.”

You can listen to the song below and also find and print out the lyrics here.


If you’re feeling creative we would love to see some music videos to go along with the song. Why not get the whole family involved a make a real family affair? Whatever you do we’d love to see it, make sure to either email it to us at [email protected] or put it on social media and tag in @smilemonth on Twitter or Facebook and include #SmileMonth.

Remember we also have our Smiley Singalong challenge going on throughout the month so if you still crave your smiley musical fix then make sure to check that out!