Gum disease and tooth loss linked to high blood pressure in older women, research shows

11 DEC 2018 - A new study has found that older women, who have suffered from tooth loss, are 205 more likely to develop high blood pressure.Read more

Go smoke-free with Portsmouth Hospitals Trust!

27 NOV 2018 - Portsmouth Hospitals Trust are campaigning to encourage people to put an end to smoking at Queen Alexandra Hospital (QA), one of the busiest hospitals in Britain.Read more

Millions putting themselves at risk of mouth cancer by being unaware of the 'big three risks’

26 NOV 2018 - A leading health charity is calling for better awareness in Britain of how everyday lifestyle factors can have a significant impact on our oral health.Read more

Growing calls for free dental care for mouth cancer patients to put an end to discriminatory ‘tax on cancer’

22 NOV 2018 - We are calling for free dental care for mouth cancer patients to combat the discriminatory costs of ongoing healthcare that survivors are often burdened with.Read more

Tooth brushing habits tied to risk of heart disease

20 NOV 2018 - New American research suggests how often you brush your teeth is linked to your risk of developing heart disease.Read more

Mouth cancer cases rise by 135% but an alarming number of us are unable to spot the early warning signs

13 NOV 2018 - Cases of mouth cancer in the United Kingdom have more than doubled inside the last generation, yet an alarming number of us are still unable to identify the early warning signs and symptoms.Read more

UK’s first report into mouth cancer reveals huge gamble the nation is taking with its health

1 NOV 2018 - Leading health charity, the Oral Health Foundation has developed the first ever State of Mouth Cancer UK Report, which illustrates the growing impact of mouth cancer in the country.Read more

Wyndham House Dental Practice set to offer free mouth cancer examinations

26 OCT 2018 - Going to the dentist regularly is so important to catch mouth cancer early. As part of their support for Mouth Cancer Action Month, Wyndham House Dental Practice are offering free mouth cancer checks.Read more

Mouth Cancer Action Month 2018 officially launches at the House of Commons

25 OCT 2018 - Leading dental health charity, the Oral Health Foundation, officially launches Mouth Cancer Action Month at the House of Commons.Read more

Charity calls for your support ahead of Mouth Cancer Action Month 2018

12 OCT 2018 - Mouth Cancer Action Month begins in less than three weeks and we need your support to raise awareness of mouth cancer more than ever before.Read more

Leading health charity declares: ‘Don’t put your oral health at risk, wear a mouthguard’

09 OCT 2018 - Getting out there and finding a sport you like is great news for your mental and physical well-being. But with some sports it's important you make sure your oral health isn't at risk.Read more

Super dentist scales Mount Kilimanjaro for Mouth Cancer Action

5 OCT 2018 - Dr Mehrdad Mokhtari, one of our fantastic fundraisers, has conquered the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for #MouthCancerAction.Read more

Giving healthy drinks with kids’ meals will help protect children’s teeth, claims charity

02 OCT 2018 - Following a law change in the USA, leading UK health charity, the Oral Health Foundation, are calling for the introduction of water and milk as default options for children's meals.Read more

Is the possibility of ‘re-growing’ our own teeth about to become a reality?

26 SEPT 2018 - Imagine a world where we could grow back damaged or lost teeth. According to two new pieces of pioneering research, that could one day be a reality.Read more

Oral Health Foundation at the BDIA Dental Showcase 2018

21 SEPT 2018 - One of the leading charities in the UK, the Oral Health Foundation, are going to be exhibiting at this year's BDIA Dental Showcase at Excel London.Read more

Which comes first, brushing or flossing? New study shows that we should clean between our teeth before brushing

20 SEPT 2018 - New research has shown that cleaning between your teeth before you brush them is key to maintaining a healthy mouth.Read more

Taskforce announces new denture guidelines to combat growing health needs of an ageing world population

07 SEPT 2018 - A global taskforce of academic experts brought together by UK-based charity the Oral Health Foundation has today announced new guidelines on the best care of dentures.Read more

Charity team set to tackle Striding Edge Challenge to raise mouth cancer awareness

30 AUG 2018 - A brave group of oral health campaigners will be supporting the Moveit4smiles charity initiative by heading to the Lake District and taking on an intimidating challenge.Read more

Diabetics face a higher risk of mouth cancer, with women far more at risk

1 AUG 2018 - New research has discovered that women who suffer from diabetes face a dramatically increased chance of developing mouth cancer.Read more

Oral Health Foundation delighted by announcement that boys will get HPV vaccine

24 JULY 2018: The Oral Health Foundation is calling for urgent implementation of the HPV vaccine following the announcement that the current programme will be extended to include boys in England.Read more

Five top tips you need to know to keep your teeth healthy this summer

23 JULY 2018 - Make the most of the beautiful British summertime but make sure that your oral health doesn't suffer this season by following our top tips.Read more

Charity calls for ‘swift implementation’ of HPV jab for boys following JCVI recommendation

18 JULY 2018 - Following the recommendation that school age boys in the UK should be offered a vaccination against the cancer causing HPV, we call for the government to implement with immediate effect.Read more

More time in the bathroom could lead to extra hours in the bedroom

02 JULY 2018 - A new European case study has found a new link between gum disease and erectile dysfunction which suggests that better oral health could lead to more time in the bedroom.Read more

How your favourite tipple could be changing the bacteria in your mouth… and it’s not good news

28 JUNE 2018 - Research conducted into the effect alcohol has on our oral health has found that just one drink each day could change the balance of bacteria in your mouth and lead to a range of diseases.Read more