Bambooth have recently joined forces with the Oral Health Foundation with their range of adult and children’s sustainable toothbrushes being ‘Approved’ under our Accreditation programme this year.

Bambooth make their toothbrush handles from 100% biodegradable MOSO bamboo, meaning they can be composted in as little as 4-6 months versus the 450-1,000 years that a plastic handle takes to degrade. Their mission is to protect the awesome beauty of our natural world by offering people a sustainable alternative to a manual plastic toothbrush without sacrificing on performance or style.

Niamh McGill, co-founder of Bambooth, says: "Achieving Oral Health Foundation's approval was a priority for us as we realise how important it is to go through an independent accreditation scheme in order to give consumers the reassurance they need when choosing a sustainable toothbrush."

And promoting sustainable choices in oral healthcare is something that the Oral Health Foundation are keen to support. We share Bambooth’s vision of starting conversations and discussing the importance of considering the environmental impact of our everyday choices.

In addition to this, Bambooth aims to promote the links between caring for your teeth and caring for our environment with the concept of ‘One Health’ at the heart of everything Bambooth believes - our health (including our oral health), wildlife health and ecosystem health are all interconnected with negative effects on one directly impacting another. Bambooth are particularly keen to impress this message upon children as they teach and promote the importance of both good oral care and sustainable living.

As part of their mission to help promote conservation and sustainability, each Bambooth sold contributes 10p to a conservation effort aimed at habitat protection with each of Bambooth’s colours named after a type of ecosystem. Your choice to switch to Bambooth therefore contributes positively to the environment in more than one-way.

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