The Oral Health Foundation has a strong partnership with Philips Oral Healthcare and with good reason.

Like ourselves, their primary aim is to help and encourage people to achieve healthy, clean teeth and adopt the right techniques for a lifetime of good health.

Philips have sponsored National Smile Month for the last four years, and together we have worked to communicate important messages, not only about daily tooth brushing, but the value of interdental cleaning too.

Throughout recent National Smile Month campaigns, the Oral Health Foundation and Philips have embarked on dedicated programmes to promote the use of electric/power toothbrushes, which remove up to twice as much plaque as a manual toothbrush. 

But brushing alone won’t quite do the job.

In fact, it will only clean three of the five surfaces of the teeth. It means that cleaning in between them is a critical part of good oral hygiene as it helps to prevent gum disease by removing plaque from areas the toothbrush alone cannot reach.

We have also found that cleaning in between teeth is particularly important for groups such as the elderly, the very young and those with auto-immune disease, all of who are more susceptible to infections from the bacteria in the mouth. Our work together has attempted to target these groups and others who would benefit from added support in their oral healthcare routine.

Philips Sonicare provides support for National Smile Month

Philips Oral Healthcare is supporting National Smile Month with good reason. Like the Oral Health Foundation, its primary aim is to help and encourage people to achieve healthy, clean teeth and adopt the right techniques for a lifetime of good health. And, when your mouth feels good, your smile says it all.

Super Clean

It is no surprise that Philips Sonicare is the sonic toothbrush of choice. The patented technology at the core of each brush creates a dynamic cleaning action which drives fluid deep into the hardest to reach spaces and along the gum line. This pioneering technology is proven to be effective yet gentle, resulting in a superior clean.

From the classic Easy Clean; the child-friendly Sonicare for Kids; the mega-plaque remover FlexCare Platinum; to the designer DiamondClean, this multi award winning range of sonic tooth brushes from Philips are the ones dentists worldwide most often recommend. Good brushing can now be coupled with ground-breaking cleaning in-between the teeth thanks to the introduction of Philips Sonicare AirFloss to the Philips Sonicare portfolio.  This award winning device cleans with microbursts between the teeth in less than a minute and puts floss in the shade. Used in combination they set the gold standard for oral care and are clinically proven to improve gum health in 2 weeks.

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