I’m raising money for the Oral Health Foundation, the leading independent charity in the UK dedicated to improving oral health and well-being across the globe through public awareness campaigns.

Before orthodontic treatment of having fitted braces, my teeth were one of my biggest insecurities.

I want to raise money for children to have access to dental packs to ensure they feel confident about their healthy teeth and not let it bring them down in the same way it did to me. Emphasising the importance of looking after your teeth whilst young will have a huge impact on the health of your teeth whilst growing up.

I believe access to dental care can positively impact children’s confidence and self-esteem, contributing to their emotional development. By supporting their oral health, we can empower children to lead healthier lives and thrive both physically and emotionally.

To do this, I will be walking a marathon to raise funds for this and asking you to donate if you can.

Hariett Bateman