HPV is one of the main causes of mouth cancer.  This means it's really close to our heart.

Over recent year's we have met so many people whose lives have been changed by HPV.  Like Victor Middleton.  Born VE day in 1945, Victor was diagnosed with HPV-related mouth cancer.

Victor managed to beat his mouth cancer but the experiences he faced will live with him forever. 

Link: Victor's HPV mouth cancer journey

Victor's story is becoming all too common.  Thousands more Brits are diagnosed with HPV cancers every year.

Experts estimate that HPV causes around 5% of all cancers.  It is because of this, that we want to raise awareness of HPV and make positive political changes so that we can eliminate the devastating effect it has on people's lives.

That's why we are raising money on behalf of HPV Action.

Together with HPV Action and 50 other organisations and associations, we successfully campaigned for gender-neutral vaccinations.

It means that from September 2019, British boys will receive the HPV vaccination along with girls (who have had the jab since 2008).

The verdict was a great success.  But we're not finished.

The government took over six years to make this life-changing ruling.  Within that time, around 2 million more boys have gone through the system unprotected.

HPV Action are campaigning for a catch-up programme for UK boys.

Please make a donate and help us get that catch-up programme which these boys deserve.