Karen joined the Foundation in 2005 as an Oral Health Educator.

For the previous 10 years, she had worked for Sensodyne and CTS Dental Supplies as a Territory Manager. Before that she had worked for various dental practices in Warwickshire, including both NHS and Private practices. Karen has completed the Certificate of Oral Health from Nottingham University, the National Certificate for Dental Nurses and a ABPI medical representative qualification.

As part of her role, Karen keeps up-to-date on all current dental procedures, oral hygiene instruction and techniques and keeping abreast of all areas of technical developments using professional contacts and professional journals in order to provide up to date information.

Another key part of Karen's work is as the Lead Co-ordinater of the Tooth Whitening Information Group, a body which aims to promote safe teeth whitening by protecting the general public from rouge traders and illegal products. 

Karen is media trained and conducts many interviews on behalf of the charity.