Use these free downloads to deliver the displays, events and activities, and raise awareness of mouth cancer.

Digital poster set

Whether you upload these on your website, post them on social media or use them for a display, these posters teach us about the risk factors around mouth cancer, the early warning signs and symptoms and how to perform thorough self-examination.



These items can help you if you are planning on fundraising for Mouth Cancer Action Month.

Ideas for fundraising events can be found here. If you would like additional help fundraising, please contact us on 01788 539 792 or [email protected].


Supporting Mouth Cancer Action Month

Looking to support mouth cancer awareness? These materials can help you market and promote your own events - both in the workplace and to the press.


Social media

Social media is an easy and effective way for you to raise awareness of mouth cancer.

Use these image cards, alongside a post for mouth cancer awareness. Don't forget to use #MouthCancerAction so we can share it too! 



Here are some sample posts to use along with the cards above:

Regular visits to your #dental team are so important. Attending appointments as often as they recommend makes it more likely that any problems will be caught as early as possible, including mouth cancer. #MouthCancerAction #Mouthaware

Mouth cancer cases are on the rise, but awareness is dangerously low. It is so important that we are more aware of the changes in our mouths and act on anything unusual by getting checked out by a dentist or doctor. #MouthCancerAction #Mouthaware

The earlier a problem is caught, the easier it tends to be to tackle. Mouth cancer is no exception. The smaller the affected area, the better the chances are of a full recovery. So, if in doubt, get checked out! #MouthCancerAction #Mouthaware

Long lasting ulcers, red/white patches and unusual lumps and bumps are three common warning signs of mouth cancer. It may be nothing but it’s always better to be safe and get checked than be sorry. #MouthCancerAction #Mouthaware

The everyday choices we make can affect our chances of developing mouth cancer. Smoking cigarettes significantly increases your risk of developing the disease. #MouthCancerAction #Mouthaware

Drinking alcohol over the recommended weekly limit will increase your chances of getting mouth cancer. Please stick within the recommended guidelines and maintain regular visits to the dentist just in case. #MouthCancerAction #Mouthaware

Here is a header image to display on your social media profiles during November: 

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Mouth Cancer Action Month is sponsored by Simplyhealth Professionals and supported by Dentists' Provident.

We are proud and delighted to be working alongside both our partners. Their commitment and passion for raising awareness of mouth cancer is vital to the success of our campaign.