The Oral Health Foundation would like to thank all of our generous sponsors who have supported National Smile Month 2018.

Each one of our partners share our passion for achieving great oral health and help us to send out positive messages around the importance of a healthy mouth.

Their contributions make such a big difference to the impact of the campaign and the people we are able to reach.

As an independent charity, their support is truly valuable and much of the work we do to promote good oral health, simply wouldn’t be possible without their charitable support.


Oral-B is National Smile Month’s Platinum Sponsor and also one of our most long-serving partners.

They are committed to prevention and their continued dedication to National Smile Month means we are able to reach more people with positive messages about oral health and hygiene while providing support and advice to those who really need it.



This year, we are celebrating 10 years with Wrigley as a sponsor of National Smile Month.

The on-going support they have given us has been instrumental in the many successes of National Smile Month. In 2018, Wrigley join us as a Silver Sponsor and we are looking to build on all the good things we have done in past campaigns. We want to engage people to think about the impact that diet has on our oral health and how we can best go about looking after our oral hygiene while on-the-go.


Philips Sonicare

Philips Oral Healthcare is supporting National Smile Month with good reason. Just like us, their primary aim is to help and encourage people to achieve healthy, clean teeth and adopt the right techniques for a lifetime of good health. 

Philips are a National Smile Month Silver Sponsor and we will be focussing on the importance of tooth brushing and interdental cleaning.


Regenerate Enamel Science

Regenerate Enamel Science is supporting National Smile Month for a second year and join us as a Silver Sponsor. Regenerate Enamel Science is a toothpaste which helps provide more protection for the enamel on our teeth. Our partnership is a good fit because dental erosion is highly topical right now and we are seeing first-hand the damage caused to people’s teeth caused by acidic drinks.


POLO(R) Sugar Free

Our work with Polo® Sugar Free is all about instilling positive messages about low-in-sugar diets, how sugar-free foods and drinks can help you take care of your teeth and actually help prevent tooth decay.

Polo® Sugar Free is a Bronze Sponsor of National Smile Month, a campaign which they have more supported for three years.



Curaprox is a latest addition to the National Smile Month family and we are delighted to have them. Like making all new friends, it’s good to have something in common, which is why we love what Curaprox is all about - developing and maintaining good oral health. 



How could we not like Peppersmith? The first time they joined us for National Smile Month they brought us a cake for our 40th birthday. It was completely sugar free, made from xylitol, peppermint and chocolate. It was simply delicious, but that was to be expected. After all, Peppersmith know a thing or two about creating tasty sugar free treats, with their gum and mints ‘Approved’ by our accreditation panel.



Cornerstone, an established men’s shaving experience and grooming company, knew the benefit for providing oral health care products too. Their foresight to gain the Oral Health Foundation’s Product Approval prior to launch was prudent, as well as coming on board as a contributor to the campaign. We are very excited to welcome Cornerstone into National Smile Month. 


A socially responsible online oral healthcare provider taking the pain out of remembering to change your toothbrush every three months with their subscription product range. Donating one toothbrush to a UK child in need for every toothbrush purchased, Brushbox want to stop the No. 1 cause of hospital admissions for 5-9 year olds, which is tooth extractions. Partnering with National Smile Month is a step forward for better oral care for all.  

Interested in joining us?

If you would like to become a National Smile Month sponsor, or are interested in partnering with us in any of our other work, contact Jacqueline Cressey on 01788 539795 or email [email protected]