Millions of people every year are affected by oral health problems. Oral diseases can leave people in extreme pain and affect their quality of life.  Sadly, they can also be life-threatening.

The Oral Health Foundation believes everybody deserves to have good oral health.

Every year, thousands of people turn to us for help, education and support, to give them a platform to improve their oral health.

A donation for Christmas can help us give somebody back their smile.  It will also help our fund our year-round services and aid us to realise our vision – to live in a world where everybody has a healthy mouth.


This is why we need your help




This is our plan for the year ahead

This is how your Christmas donations will help us in 2020 to support healthier lives through better oral health.

Healthy communities: Oral health campaigns that will reach the most vulnerable members of society

Advice & Support: Support services that will provide advice and reassurance to anybody who needs it  

Education: Programmes and resources that will help people of all ages

Mouth Cancer Action: Reduce the growing number of people affected by mouth cancer

Policy & influence: Steering policies that will have a positive impact to the population’s oral health

Ending oral disease: Giving people the support and tools to improve the health of their mouth