The Oral Health Foundation is a leading charity, working to improve health and wellbeing by reducing the harm caused by oral diseases.

We provide education, motivation, guidance and support to millions of people every year and continue to change people's lives for the better.

What we do

Improving oral health and promoting good oral hygiene is what our charity believes in and our work aims to give everybody the chance to achieve this.

Whether it is providing education and information, lobbying policy on behalf of the public or raising awareness of mouth cancer, the Oral Health Foundation is determined to reduce inequalities in oral health through campaigns, education and opportunity.


Tackling inequalities

As part of a charitable work, we aim to reduce inequalities in oral health by providing support, guidance and reassurance to a wide range of people. We work to improve the lives of young people, the elderly, those with special needs and disabilities, and other groups living in deprivation across the world.

With inequalities in oral health becoming even more apparent, and with diseases such as mouth cancer increasing, it is important that we continue our work to address these disparities.


Driving change

One of the many ways that we can help make a difference is by using our expertise to shape policies and laws that are related to oral health so that we can achieve a higher level of care and wellbeing.

Regulations on smoking, alcohol, sugar, access to care, HPV and fluoride are all really high on our agenda and as an impartial and independent body, we will continue to help create a healthier and happier future.  


Our impact

For more than four decades we have been positively influencing the world’s oral health through education and support and by helping to improve attitudes and behaviours in how we care and look after our mouth.

Our values and experiences motivate us in the work we do and people which we help. We are really proud to be a charity whose principles remain exactly the same as when we first formed.


Annual review

The charitable work that we do has a positive effect of thousands of lives every year. But without you, much of what we do could not be possible.

We love working closely with all sorts of individuals and organisations so that together, we can promote the value of a healthy mouth. Our Impact Report highlights the things we have achieved together over the last year.


History and milestones

With more than 45 years of history behind us, the story of how we became who we are today is a very interesting one. With many barriers and challenges placed in front of us, it was left to a few pioneers to lead the way and form the beginnings of what has been a remarkable journey.


Our team

Everything our charity does is made possible by a team of just 15 people – all of whom are committed to helping improve oral health.

Our different backgrounds, expertise and experiences make us highly effective in being able to achieve our charitable goals, provide advice and support to thousands of people every year and creating special campaigns and initiatives seen by millions.    


Board of trustees

Our Board of Trustees is responsible for the strategic direction of the Oral Health Foundation, to ensure we’re doing all we can to reach, improve oral health and quality of life for millions of people around the world.

Our charity’s trustees are a group of passionate volunteers from many diverse backgrounds and sectors who meet to debate, choose and evaluate our strategies and policies while reviewing regular reports and updates about the charity’s on-going work.


Contact us

Whether you are a member of the public looking to learn more about their oral health, a health professional wanting to campaign alongside us, or an organisation wishing to partner alongside us, we would like to hear from you.