For the last four weeks we have been raising awareness mouth cancer, educating and engaging the nation around mouth cancer. Not only have we worked with fellow campaigners to raise awareness regarding the signs and symptoms and risk factors involved but we have also invested heavily in delivering positive messages about early detection and prevention of mouth cancer.

Mouth Cancer Action Month continues to be a focal point, not just for ourselves, but anybody who is passionate about mouth cancer action, to come together and raise awareness of a disease which is still on the rise.

New statistics have revealed that the number of people diagnosed with mouth cancer in the last year reached more than 7,500. It’s a rise of more than a third in the last decade alone, making it one of the fastest increasing cancers, and experts predict this growth will continue.

We’ve dedicated this issue of Word of Mouth to mouth cancer and our November campaign. We have lots of information about the disease, which hopefully will make a difference to your knowledge about mouth cancer, what causes it and how you can spot it early.

As well as advice and information, we also have lots of other interesting pieces, including a firsthand account from somebody who has gone through mouth cancer and survived. It’s an inspirational story, and one that is reassuring and heart-warming too.

Download: Word of Mouth: November 2016