In this issue, we’re focusing on a common condition that the majority of us will suffer from at some point in our lives, gum disease. Gum disease is an inflammation of the gums, caused by a build-up of plaque and results in the gums becoming very red and swollen.

We can eliminate and prevent gum disease by regular brushing and frequent dental visits, but when these are ignored or forgotten, it can lead to a more severe type of gum disease called periodontal disease.

There has been a host of new research looking into periodontal disease, linking it with both cancer in older women, and Alzheimer’s Disease. In this issue, we speak about both of these studies and offer some great advice for keeping gum disease at bay.

Our August edition also features a piece on oral health habits at festivals, as well as the importance of good oral health (and consequences of bad oral health) when it comes to dating.

Finally, we have a small round-up about two fantastic charity events which have taken place within the last month – a golf tournament in Brighton which has managed to raise £10,000 – and also an event in Glasgow which has set a new world record for the biggest smile!

We hope you enjoy this issue of Word of Mouth and we’ll be back for more next month.

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