Have you ever tried to find an NHS dentist but have been told that there are no places available? It seems to be widespread issue, as a new BBC News analysis has found that half of dental practices in England are not accepting new patients.

Hearing this, it might be easy for you to put the blame onto the dental practice, and even the dentist themselves. However, this really should not be the case at all.

In this edition of Word of Mouth, we discuss the latest findings made by the BBC and argue why it is purely down to a lack of government funding as to why NHS dental access is so difficult at the moment.

Something must change. Dentistry in the United Kingdom is terribly underfunded and we are finding the dental budget continues to be cut year-on-year. A growing population, with more healthcare needs than ever before, requires and deserves the correct levels of financial support.

Also in this issue, we have advice for carers looking after the oral health of those with special needs, we discuss research into Asthma being linked to gum disease, while we also reveal which UK cities have the biggest sweet-tooth!

We hope you enjoy this issue of Word of Mouth and we’ll be back for more next month.

View: Word of Mouth: September 2017