"My school friend Charlie Rees was diagnosed with mouth cancer late in 2016, she put a short video message out on Facebook saying she needed support from her friends to help her fight and help her through. I got in touch and said, “I’m right behind you girly, but tell me what can I do?”Read more


"My mum was diagnosed with mouth cancer which took my family by surprise. Despite always attending regular dental check-ups, never smoking and having a healthy lifestyle, my mum still got cancer. Because of this I wanted to do my bit to raise awareness of mouth cancer and how it can affect anyone."Read more


Christina walked 500 miles for smiles, linking up with many of the dental profession along the way. It was something big to raise awareness of Mouth Cancer and HPV, to encourage the profession and the public to become more informed. Knowledge is a great gift but, with low stats on access to dental care, so many are unaware of the risks of mouth cancer and the benefits of a healthy mouth.Read more


"As a dental nurse, then Dental Hygienist then Tutor and now in the commercial side of oral health my passion remains in educating and empowering people to have healthy mouths – which is exactly what the Oral Health Foundation seeks to do"Read more


As an oral health care company, TePe shares the educational and oral health promotional goals of the Oral Health Foundation and so naturally support the impartial efforts of the charity to educate the public on all oral health care.Read more


"The inspiration for the skydive was mainly to help overcome my fear of heights and to see what I’m capable of. It turns out, I’m far more capable than I first thought and it has spurred me on to keep challenging myself and venturing outside of my comfort zone."Read more