Give Somebody Back Their Smile

Natalia Musalyants

I currently work as a dental assistant and I see far too many people who are insecure about the way their teeth look. I myself used to feel the same way until I got Invisalign. I used to never smile with my teeth when taking pictures because I simply did not feel comfortable. Teeth are one of the first things a person notices when meeting someone. A nice smile always attracts. I believe that everyone should feel comfortable smiling and definitely no one should suffer from an oral illness and liv

Jo’s Move it for Smiles

Joanne Downs

Moveit4smiles has one simple aim - to get moving , generate awareness and raise money in the fight against mouth cancer !

Bristol Oral Health Promotion Team for Mouth Cancer Action

Oral Health Promotion Team at Bristol Dental Hospital

To raise awareness of mouth cancer

SDC do Malin to Mizen

Louise Taggart

We want to educate our patients on oral cancer awareness. How to keep ourselves and our mouths healthy!

KR Dental Hygienist- Mouth Cancer Action

Karolina Rafalko

I pledge to row 100 km on my rowing machine during this years Mouth Cancer Action Month- November. I would love to raise £500 for Oral Health Foundation who are doing an amazing job in spreading the awareness and education around mouth cancer.

Pie in the Face for Mouth Cancer!

Church Street Dental Practice

Mouth Cancer is often undetected and symptoms may not always be obvious, so help Church Street Dental Practice raise awareness and support those in need!

Russell Street Dental Practice

Sophia Latif Brown

We are Dental Health Professionals who enjoy helping and guiding our patients, providing them will all the information, help and techniques required to ensure happy, healthy mouths, teeth, gums and smiles!

Dental Packs for Children

Symbiosis Dental

Symbiosis Dental is raising money for the Oral Health Foundation to fund dental packs to help prevent the shocking statistics of dental decay in children. Your generosity will provide young children with carefully selected dental packs to meet their specific needs and effective education on oral health behaviour, alongside key information on diet and nutrition.