The 40th National Smile Month only has a few days remaining, and while we cannot believe how quickly the time has gone, we have been delighted by the response and impact the campaign has had.

Thank you to all those who have been involved, one way or the other. Whether it was by posting a Smiley selfie and helping to raise awareness of oral health online, or helping to educate people in your own local community about the importance of oral health – we thank you.

Campaign messages have reached millions of people around the UK, which is a terrific result. It’s wonderful to know that after all this time, National Smile Month remains as relevant today as when it was when created all that time ago.

As part of the campaign, we commissioned a nationwide survey to uncover some of the UK’s attitudes towards oral health while delving into some of our habits when it comes to keeping our mouth clean and healthy.

In this issue, we report on those findings. Whether it’s finding out where in Great Britain you are most likely to find twice-daily brushers, to some very strange ways we clean between our teeth.

We even find out how important good oral health is for us when it comes to finding love, and of course, what things make us smile the most.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope to enjoy this month’s Word of Mouth.

Download: Word of Mouth: June 2016