You may have seen the explosion of national coverage across the media this summer which claimed that prosecco could be ‘ruining’ our teeth. It has been a burning topic ever since and this month led us to do our very own investigation.

We decided to place teeth in some of the UK’s most popular drinks to examine what damage was actually being caused. Leaving them for two weeks, the results were extremely disturbing and demonstrate the potential harm which highly erosive drinks can have on our teeth.

Take a look at the results yourself, where we have before and after photos, along with a video explaining what has happened to each tooth.

Also in this issue we announce the inauguration of our new President, share with you our Impact Report highlighting our activities and achievements over the past year, and also look into some new research into gum disease and breast cancer.

We also have a warning for British Asians from a leading doctor about a possible heightened risk of mouth cancer, there’s an examination into the latest dental fads, and finally, there’s a more in-depth look into tooth erosion.

I hope you enjoy this month’s edition of Word of Mouth. Happy holidays, no matter how you plan to spend them, and we look forward to working with you to improve oral health in 2018.

View: Word of Mouth: December 2017