Thank you for joining us again for another edition, I hope you are continuing to enjoy a happy and healthy 2019.

In this issue, we discuss new research which illustrates just how much the health of our body can influence other aspects of our well-being. A new study has shown that premature labour is more common in women who suffer from gum disease.

We cannot stress enough the importance of taking time to look after your teeth and gums. The benefits will go far beyond a healthy mouth and this is one such example.

Over the last few weeks, it emerged there is an online telephone scam that is tricking victims into being charged premium rates to contact our Dental Helpline.

We have more details about this fraudulent activity.  We would like to use this opportunity to remind everyone that our dedicated advice line has one telephone number only – 01788 539 780.

In this edition we also touch on the need for Brits to up their mouth cancer knowledge, why regular visits to the dentist are so important and some timely oral health advice on how to smile with confidence following Valentine’s Day.

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