In this issue, we begin by delving into the findings of a new piece of research which suggests that schools in the UK are not paying enough attention to oral health education.

According to the findings of a new study from YouGov, less than a third of British children are having lessons on the importance of good oral care, the worst out of the countries surveyed. In Mexico, more than nine in ten are being taught about the importance of good oral hygiene and this illustrates just how far off the pace British schools are.

It is vital that children get off to the best start possible as far as their oral health is concerned. Schools play a big part in facilitating this and we believe that there needs to be more of a hands-on-approach from the government to address this.

This month also saw the announcement of a rise in NHS dentistry charges. This is something that we believe will have a significant impact on the public’s health and lead to more people avoiding routine dental visits.

In this edition we also touch on our upcoming National Smile Month campaign, news of an ex-President who has recently been awarded with an Honorary Fellowship and finally, we share our top oral health tips in the spirit of World Oral Health Day.

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