This June, we look back at another wonderful National Smile Month campaign, in which we have seen some amazing support from practices, organisations and individuals all across the UK.

We begin this issue by diving into the findings of a new nationwide survey which has found that many Brits frequently use their teeth for tasks other than eating and drinking. It’s strongly advised to avoid using your teeth as tools to open, hold or chew foreign objects and this sentiment is echoed by charity Chief Executive, Dr Nigel Carter OBE on page 5.

I would also like to point you towards our new mini-series of oral health podcasts. During our recent campaign, we teamed up with GSK to create podcasts on Healthy Gums, Diet and Oral Health, and Dental Erosion.

We are looking to explore the opportunities to create further podcasts so please do send us your feedback on anything that you hear or perhaps a topic you would like us to discuss in the future. Find out more by heading over to page 18.

Also in this edition, you can find articles on our fantastic Nominate a Smile winners, great oral health advice and plenty more.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a big thank you to everybody who has got involved with National Smile Month 2019. The campaign simply would not be the same without you.

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