Hello and welcome to a brand-new issue of Word of Mouth – the Oral Health Foundation’s digital magazine.

This month, we released a new roadmap to 2024. We are passionate about helping people across the world achieve a healthier life through developing better oral health. With our new strategy, we hope to have a significant impact and create a better, healthier and happier future for everyone.

Find out more about our new strategy to 2024 by heading to page four!

In other news, cutting down on our sugar consumption is a difficult bridge to cross for many Brits. People turn to sugary snacks and drinks for many reasons – we recently found stress is one of the biggest culprits!

To address this, in this issue you can find a couple articles that should give you the tools to tackle how much and how often you have sugar.

Finally, in August’s edition, you can find our positive stance on the recently released green paper on oral health prevention and information on dental care for LGBT people.

Please enjoy this edition of Word of Mouth and thank you once again for your ongoing support.

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