Is there something on your bucket list that you've always wanted to do but never had a reason to? Raising money for a great cause is a fantastic excuse for conquering your fears and having a once in a lifetime experience that you'll always remember. 

In addition, people may be more likely to sponsor you if you're choosing to do something extreme like skydiving.

Where can I do a skydive

There are plenty of licensed organisations around the UK that will allow you safely do a skydive but here are a few options. 

What you need

  • Head over to our shop and get hold of one of our running vests or other promotional products.
  • A camera or smartphone, so you can take plenty of photographs on the day of the event and a social media account (Twitter or Facebook), that will allow you to share the images of the day.

Steps to organise your sponsored event

  • Decide what you want to do, whether it be conquering a fear or a lifelong ambition, the bigger and more ambitious the better.
  • Tell us about your event though our 'Create a fundraising event' page so we can help maximise your sponsorship and achieve your goal. If your looking for more people to join you this is the place to let us know. Make sure you share it on your social media platforms so that friends and family can support your fundraising endeavour. 
  • Event time; get someone to take lots of pictures which you can share online or send to us so we can share with our fundraising community.

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