In recent years, mud runs have become an extremely popular alternative to the traditional marathon.

This is mostly because of the fun and thrill of taking on gruelling obstacles and tackling tough terrain made up of thick mud and testing stretches of water.

Mud runs are also a great day out for friends and colleagues and you will be sure to have lots of good stories to tell by the end of it. These type of endurance events burn lots of calories so carries many health benefits, and is not just about the finishing time but having fun with a smile on your face.

Where can I sign up

There are plenty of different places around the UK that you can enter a wolf run with but here are a few of the popular organisations that have events around the country that vary in difficulty and distance. 

What you need

  • Download an Oral Health Foundation sponsorship form. You can take this to people that may want to support your run like friends, family and colleagues and they can give you donations there and then. 
  • Head over to our shop and get hold of one of our running vests.

Steps to organise your sponsored event

  • Decide on which event you want to do - there are lots to choose from.
  • Tell us about your sponsored event though our 'Create a fundraising event' page so we can help maximise your sponsorship and achieve your goal. If your looking for more people to join you this is the place to let us know. Make sure you share the event on your social media platforms so that friends and family can support your fundraising endeavour. 
  • Training is important. Make sure your regime is balanced and adaptive. This will prepare you best for the variety of obstacles you are about to come across.
  • Get someone to take lots of pictures which you can share online or send to us so we can share with our fundraising community.

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