List some ‘Olympic activities’ relevant to your workplace and create an obstacle course that involves them all.

The fastest colleague or department to complete the course is crowned the winner.

The activities could be anything from desk chair racing, to photocopying, to unpacking boxes

(N.B Check your health and safety regulations.)

This activity is really easy to setup and great fun for all involved. 

What you need

  • A group of willing participants.
  • A space to hold events, tailor events to fit your environment.
  • Prizes for the winners and losers.
  • A smartphone or camera to take lots of pictures.
  • A social media account (Twitter or Facebook). This will help you get the word out that the event's happening and provide a place for you to share your pictures after it's happened. 

Steps to hold an office Olympics

  • Decide the extent of your Olympic events, whatever best fits your workplace.
  • Get people involved, print posters, fliers and use social media to create interest.
  • Tell us about your sponsored event though our 'Create a fundraising event' page so we can help maximise your fundraising and achieve your goal. It will work just like any other fundraising website you may have come across in the past. It will contain information about the event you're planning and there's a section that will allow people to donate. 
  • Get sponsorship for individual events or ask people to pay a participation fee to help raise fundraise.
  • Hold your office Olympics, have fun and take lots of pictures to share with us and online. 

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